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This is how to apply properly

Your application is the first impression we will receive from you. Therefore, it is important to convey a meaningful picture about your qualifications, your personality and your career expectations.

Below we will give you a few tips that can be helpful for your application. Choose one of the categories below.

Checklist paper application

Your paper application should always contain the following minimum components:

  • The cover letter:
    With a personal cover letter you will make us curious to find out more: What motivation do you have and what are your professional desires? For which job are you applying and what have you done so far? Where are your strengths?
    This information is helpful to gain a first impression of you, your qualification and your professional wishes. Preferably you will also address all essential requirements of the job offer.
  • The Curriculum Vitae:
    You Curriculum Vitae should be up to date and contain the most important information about your course of education and all important stations of your professional career.
    With information about your hobbies, your honorary offices or other interests, you will show personality and stand out against others.
    You can gladly use links and, for example, link to your Xing profile.
  • School report cards and references:
    With meaningful report cards, personnel officers will gain an overview about your successful training and/or success in studies as well as your achieved tasks. It should be noted that only report cards and certificates relevant for the desired position are to be attached.
    Should you have additional references, you may also attach those.
Possible ways of application

You can submit your application to us with various methods, but for selected jobs and positions, the requirements of a specified application method should be complied with.

  • Written application:
    Written applications are only possible if an address of the issuing company was published in the job vacancy notice, and there is no “Apply now” button or mention of an email application in the online job posting.
    You should pay attention to a perfect condition of your paper application when applying by mail.
  • Email application:
    We generally prefer applications by email because it is clear and more transparent not just for you but also for us. The exchange of information as well as the storage and resubmission of applications can conducted in a more time-saving manner.
  • Unsolicited Application:
    You are interested in an entry at Niersberger but couldn’t find a matching job in our job board?
    You are welcome to submit an unsolicited application. We reserve the right to keep your application documents for a certain time, to possibly match your profile with newly added job offers.
    Please only send us your unsolicited application by email.
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