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A company of the Niersberger Group


Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau is a company of the Niersberger Group. This umbrella covers multiple business units with their respective core competencies – including the Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau. The core activity of Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau is the revitalization of residential buildings. On the other hand, the Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau is focused on the construction, operation, and maintenance of plants, which are based on the recovery of resources principle.

Industry-specific solutions for public sector contracting entities and the industry

Industry-specific solutions for public sector contracting entities and the industry are characterized by a very special feature: they are not universal. Each solution from Niersberger thereby addresses different framework conditions, and is 100% customized. This requires a customized project development and an appropriate project management. The requirements of industry-specific solutions could not be more different. You must be based on specific needs and meet them. Because no two residential complexes are alike, and no customer order is similar to the following one. The utilized and installed systems as well as the backing ideas must therefore be highly flexible.

Industry-specific solutions for public sector contracting entities

Die Nachfrage nach spezifischen Branchenlösungen für öffentliche Auftraggeber, darunter insbesondere Gebietskörperschaften wie Städte, Kommunen und Gemeinden, und nach ganzheitlichen Lösungen im Wohn- und Anlagenbau, steigt weiter.

Restart of the life cycle for residential complexes

Niersberger focuses on residential complexes and social housing construction. Here, the question as to whether the life cycle of these real-estate objects can be extended or even renewed in the ideal case will be in the key focus. A specialty area of Niersberger. Thereby it is a proverbial rebirth of a residential complex or a real-estate object. You goes hand in hand with structural and energetic measures.

Residents must also support the decision

The residents represent a third component. They must carry a new beginning of the life cycle. This knowledge is crucial for public contracting entities, which are under the scrutiny of the media. Because often a modernization requires a short-term move of the residents. The burdens for the residents are significant. The danger of being at the mercy of the interests is great. Only after completion of the work may the residents move back in.

This phase is of great importance for the success of the project. It is the aim to keep this period as short as possible. For this reason, open communication with the residents is important. Niersberger will include the residence into the process by showing them concrete and comprehensible plans as well as the measures required achieving a result at the end, in a manner which is understandable for all stakeholders and will eventually lead to a significant improvement of the overall living conditions and living environment.

Modernization in the inhabited state

The modernization in the inhabited state is a special type of revitalization. Niersberger also asked carefully here. Individual construction projects which affect the privacy of the residents are prepared and performed by Niersberger with an almost clinical precision.

This ensures an open communication and information exchange, which creates a high degree of transparency and understanding among the residents and for the interaction with the construction team. From the very beginning, this »social« element is a component of the planning for the Niersberger project development and project management. At the same time, the responsibility creates a mutual understanding among all concerned (construction team, residents). This form of public relations is characterized by a consistent focus on understanding. It sensitizes the target groups for problem situations, and provides an increased understanding tolerance among all participants.

Local authorities and industry as facility operators

The municipality as a plant operator – nowadays, this isn"t a rare picture anymore. More and more municipalities are opting for alternative energy production concepts. Also, because the government compensates energy obtained from renewable resources with an attractive remuneration model, pursuant to the Renewable Energies Act (EEG).

The industry is continuously investing more and more into systems based on renewable energy. This achieves a sustainable and ecologically sound profit, which contributes to the profitability of the company. The cost of operational power can be reduced drastically. A competitive advantage should not be disregarded.


Solutions for the industry

Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau also offers Solutions for energy providers and the automotive suppliers. With this, Niersberger is also utilizing business models for the big business, which can also benefit from the EEG law.


A location with innovation potential and recreational value


The headquarters of the Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau is Erlangen. The city is located in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. An economic area with 3.5 million residents and an area of 21,300 square kilometers. The gross domestic product of €106 billion is generated by about 1.8 million workers, who are active in approx. 162,000 business. One of them is Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau. A bridging role in regard to the EU Member States in Eastern Europe is generally attributed to this metropolitan region. A development in which also fully applies to Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau.


The appeal of Erlangen is undisputed. As a research and University location, the city possesses excellent educational institutions. The business sector is home to renowned large enterprises (SIEMENS, Schaeffler, Adidas, PUMA etc.) that have an unparalleled innovative potential. The middle-class also benefits from the dynamics.
The recreational value of the metropolitan region is high. Nuremberg is located in the immediate vicinity. The largest city in Franconia is very capable of convincing with its unparalleled diversity of culture, leisure activities, sports and entertainment. The Franconian Switzerland begins on the outskirts of Erlangen. This is a local recreation area, which is highly appealing for hiking and other enjoyment.


Philosophy: efficient. innovative. sustainable.


efficient. innovative. sustainable. This is not just a slogan. The philosophy of Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau is reflected in these three terms. A philosophy that is driven by values and based on values. It is reflected in all solutions, products and services provided by Niersberger.


This philosophy must be measurable. A demand that we place on ourselves. This is the only way we can convince ourselves whether the system, real-estate or the facility meets the highest quality requirements in the categories of innovation, sustainability and efficiency.

Uncompromising quality


The greatest importance at Niersberger is the quality. During every project phase, the Niersberger professionals will ensure that there are no compromises in terms of quality. Thereby, we primarily rely on an adequate training and a smooth transfer of knowledge in all areas of business. Because only someone who knows what is good, can do good. Therefore, the quality at Niersberger already starts with the training.


For this reason, Niersberger quality always has a tangible and intangible component. The intangible quality is a question of education and knowledge. But intangible quality is also an attitude, and an inclination. This intellectual characteristic is supported by the desire to always strive for perfection. This is always back by a person which combines the determination and the work effort – therefore making it an intellectual process that conceives a material quality, which is of the same high value as the intellectual process itself.

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