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Niersberger Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainability conceptually anchored in products


Sustainability is conceptually anchored in our products. Everything that Niersberger delivers, is sustainable. This will already start with the development of the project and continues throughout the planning, implementation and operation or the handover to the operator, the contracting entity or the owner. Thereby, the ecology and the impact the Niersberger products have on the society play a crucial role. Energy efficiency, CO2 pollution, eco-friendly materials, creation of compensation areas, socially acceptable appreciation of living quarters in run-down areas – all these are qualitative dimensions of a sustainability that Niersberger provides. Therefore, the sustainability of Niersberger has a very special quality. Because it is documented and certified. This is evidenced by measurements, numbers and statistics that prove sustainability and make it verifiable. This is something we value greatly.


In terms of social sustainability is a must


In social terms sustainability is also a must Niersberger is aware of the responsibility towards its employees and the society. For this, we create an environment that binds employees to Niersberger out of conviction in the long run. This is not a matter of course. In this context, integration and motivation are important factors for the sustainability towards the workforce. For this, Niersberger does a lot. Professional training and the opportunity to acquire additional qualifications, are practiced sustainability at the professional level. This maintains Niersberger on the latest state of knowledge – a key aspect in the competition. Because, if we are successful theirs solely determined by our employees. It depends on them.


Community involvement is a matter of honor for us. It is important to us to give something back to the society. Among other things, Niersberger supports the Orgelbau St. Antonius Abbas Sambach e.V. and the Community Foundation of Erlangen. On his 60th Birthday the Managing Director of Niersberger, Rainer Dippold, also launched the citizen’s Foundation Pommersfelden.

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