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Innovation: Developed progress


Innovation is measured by present things, products or achievments. Innovation solves problems – sometimes one, sometimes more. In most cases, innovation does this in a better, more simple and smooth way.


An example: Fossil energy ressources – a through and through controversial issue. Deposits of gas as well as crude oil are not filled endlessly. This ist he point, where innovation starts. How and where can alternative energy sources be discovered, solving this and probably even some more problems? And what is the understanding of the regaining of ressources? Wich processes, wich aparatus, what kind of energy generating systems are necessary in order to tackle those problems?


Posing that kind of questions actually means, you are already at the core of innovation. Innovation is good. Innovations makes things easier and more logic. Innovation is developed progress, a paradigm change. Even little alterations can cause big improvements, whereas big innovations are often a source of minor advance. Nevertheless, both are important.


In this context Niersberger applies and improves technologies in plant construction as well as in real estate. In wich sense innovation can be identified in the two corporate business sections of Niersberger? The answer is: Through our employees. Consider them as a large think-tank. While posing themselves questions – i. e. how can I use space inside a building or appartment house in a more efficient way? How can I make residential real estate affordable? And more detailed: Is there a way of renovating appartments under inhabited conditions? – they simoultaneously start a development process and contribute to progress. That is brain work, wich is unfolding innovations in turn. They are incorporated in solutions and answers on problems and questions of current times.


Innovation does not stand still. It steadily continues. It is a constant force permanently driving us to achieve a higher stage. That’s why innovations of tomorrow is going to carry features, we can’t even imagine today. That’s why they are open to advance. That’s why failure is positively correlating with innovation. Because nothing is perfect in the beginning. Even the innovations finished in the past weren’t.


Get your own impression of innovation at Niersberger Group and what we understand as such.


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