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Sustainable housing and process plants

The Niersberger Group plans, implements, and manages residential and commercial property as well as process plants for energy and building services engineering all along the value chain. With a professional focus on revitalization and new construction. With a clear focus on people and the environment. And with a passion for future-oriented, sustainable solutions.

All-inclusive services. Moved by passion. Inspired by people.

All Group companies and all employees embody the Niersberger Spirit and our shared values. Working collaboratively, they pool interdisciplinary views and holistic approaches, inspiring each other in the process. The Niersberger Group companies work hand in hand. Currently based in three European countries, we work actively for building developers and investors throughout Europe and the world.

Take a look at our operational capacity and learn more about the companies that represent the quality and sustainability of the Niersberger Group.

Provision, management, realisation

The three phases of the Niersberger life cycle

The services of the Niersberger Group accompany builders and investors along the value chain of a property or plant, from holistic, future-oriented project planning, to construction (including the subcontractors), to reliable use, and, finally, to selling with a high return.

Planning and developing with the Niersberger Group

Real estate and process plants for tomorrow

Established standards can be a good thing, but the future belongs to those who think ahead. That’s why at the Niersberger Group, we always pay attention to the possibilities of integrating innovative, future-oriented solutions when planning the construction, organization, and financial aspects of a project – such as age-appropriate and assisted living, maximum accessibility, and sustainable energy and supply concepts. They have to match the property and suit its residents, their life goals, and desires.

NWE Planungsgesellschaft mbh
Erlangen | DE

We are engineers and specialist planners who develop sophisticated technical building equipment concepts. We offer far-sighted project guidance, construction management and energy consulting to develop solutions that meet tomorrow’s requirements today.

HNB Energietechnologien GmbH
Erlangen | DE

We’re the right partner if you want to develop sophisticated electrotechnical systems that meet tomorrow’s requirements today. Our comprehensive expertise is sought after by architects, building developers, businesses and tradespeople, and even private individuals.

S+N Planungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft
Erlangen | DE

As a dynamic and innovative planning office within the Niersberger Group, our low-hierarchy team develops fast, results-based planning processes. S+N plans affordable housing, whether by renovating or by building from scratch – always in close collaboration with building developers and with a focus on future residents. Our professionals collaborate with the Group’s building services planning offices to develop innovative solutions for industrial construction.

Our companies -
Planning and development

Building with the Niersberger Group

For locals – by locals

Efficient, innovative, sustainable – this is our philosophy whenever we implement and revitalize contemporary, sustainable residential projects. We rely on local specialists to keep distances short and to strengthen local economies. Their proximity and skills, combined with our own expertise, produces a synergy which gets projects done reliably and economically.

Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Erlangen | DE

Niersberger develops and executes innovative residential construction concepts. The primary focus is on revitalizing residential buildings, but we also execute high-quality, intelligent newbuilds. Our goal is the sustainable creation of modern living spaces.

NuP Wohnbau GmbH
Erlangen | DE

We organise the performance and supervision of all kinds of construction and building services – especially breaking up and demolishing, but also dependable caretaker services and building cleaning.

simply timber solutions GmbH
Erlangen | DE

We’re simply timber and we’re your systematic partner if you want to construct timber buildings that are ready to move into. We use wood, concrete, steel, and hybrid construction elements to create future-oriented turnkey construction solutions that are sustainable, cost-efficient, and as unique as the residents who will be living in them.

Our companies -

Building services engineering with the Niersberger Group

Mastering our trade to deliver the utmost satisfaction

Walls, ceilings, and windows are a building’s outer shell, but the heart of any property is its technical building equipment. Plumbing and electrical installations, heating and cooling technology, ventilation and air-conditioning all go to make up the ideal environment for comfortable living and relaxed working. Private and public clients trust Niersberger Group companies to build sustainable, reliable, energy-efficient solutions.

NGA Niersberger Gebäudeausrüstung GmbH
Erlangen | DE

Building services technology absolutely must run smoothly and efficiently, and to ensure it does, we provide services and works that include planning and sales. The focus is on heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing systems.

Niersberger Servicegesellschaft
Erlangen | DE

We take responsibility for developing, constructing, operating, maintaining, and servicing every kind of energy generation facility. We also ensure supplies of operating media such as heat, cold, electricity, steam, and compressed air. And we buy and rent out equipment for efficient energy use and sell the substrates needed for energy production.

Niersberger Smart Concept
Erlangen | DE

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services ranging from project development, implementation and support in investment and refurbishment projects, to supplying heat and electricity as a contractor, to permit-free services in the field of building services engineering.

RME Gebäudetechnik Jena GmbH
Rothenstein | DE

A technical general contractor focused on customer benefits and costs, RME offers a complete range of technical building equipment – especially for schools, office and administrative buildings, hospitals and energy supply systems throughout Germany.

Donat Haustechnik GmbH
Erfurt | DE

Reliability, quality, precision: Donat plans and implements technical heating, plumbing and bathroom installations in commercial and private properties: conversions and newbuilds, full and partial renovations, and modernizations.

Wärmetechnik Wilkau-Haßlau GmbH & Co. KG
Wilkau-Haßlau | DE

Focusing on technical infrastructure, we provide services and works, planning and sales for building services engineering – especially heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing technology. If required, we can work within the context of a general contract agreement.

Niersberger Instalace, s.r.o
Tyrsova | CZ

The focus is on technical building equipment when Niersberger serves the Eastern European market from its base in Benešov – both as a general contractor and as an overall coordinator of projects.

Niersberger Slovakia, s.r.o
Žilina | CZ

This independent company serves the Slovakian market from its base in Žilina as a competent general supplier of technical building equipment.

Our companies -

Information technology
at the Niersberger Group

Smart ideas for more efficient processes

We emphasise digital work and digital processes throughout the Group. An intelligent, forward-looking data and communication architecture enables the various companies of the Niersberger Group and its departments to work together with remarkable efficiency. This encourages the flow of information, boosts productivity, and enables the efficient planning and execution of complex projects involving a wide range of trades – sometimes across different countries and including mobile operations at any location.

WITTL Informationstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG
Erlangen | DE

Delivering everything from one place: our IT partner designs hardware and software, creates and reliably operates IT infrastructures (client/server, network and application) to create the basis for modern, secure work.

Our companies -
Information technology

Real-Estate-Management at the Niersberger Group

Top performance throughout the entire life cycle

We employ our comprehensive knowledge of local real estate markets to plan and manage the most productive and efficient ways of using buildings and facilities. We deploy attractive marketing concepts to attract long-term tenants and avoid prolonged vacancies. We respond to residents’ concerns with human sensitivity, but also with a view to consistent cost efficiency.

Niersberger 365
Erlangen | DE

As property developers and construction managers, we coordinate the construction of every kind of building as well as the purchase, sale and letting of real estate for our own account and the account of others. As well as that, we advise building developers on financing and on the technical and economic implementation of construction projects. We also manage houses and plots of land.

Our companies -
Real estate Management