Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau

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Wide range of services in the residential living space and plant construction

The services of Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau include the real-estate development, or respectively the housing construction and plant engineering. In the real-estate this particularly includes the revitalization. Niersberger primarily sees this as the structural modernization or the renovation of entire district, or respectively the new construction of residential buildings. The property is complemented by the project development unit. It is focused on concepts, strategies and processes of a real-estate and covers the entire lifecycle – from the initial idea up to the demolition.


In the division Plant engineering there is a key focus on the Procedural plant engineering and the department for the Technical operations management including the service and maintenance.


We strive for innovation in both business areas. Because progress will not be inhibited, and especially not by real estate and plant engineering.


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