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Gain first experiences.

You are going to finish secondary school successfully in the near future and want to gain first experiences in the professional life? Niersberger offers the best preconditions. No matter if you are interested in an internship or manual, technical or commercial training, or if you want to complete a Dual Course of Study: Our offering is as diverse as our company.

We offer a diverse range of tasks and a challenging environment.


Gain first practical experiences and create the foundation for a career at Niersberger.


A qualified training is the best basis for your successful integration into the labor market. You will acquire theoretical knowledge but also practical experiences for your career in different occupational areas at Niersberger.

>> Office communication clerk

During your training you will get to know all commercial fields and gain in-depth experience in all the activities associated with purchase, sale, and human resource management. Particularly specialized and industry related trainings will so make you an expert – in the handling of industry-specific software. This training is set up for 3 years but can be shortened with a specific graduation certificate or appropriate prequalification.

>> Plant Mechanic for Sanitary, Heating and Ventilation Systems

You are interested in the world of machine technology? Then Plant Mechanic for Sanitary, Heating and Ventilation Systems is right for you. You will learn how facilities work, and how the various processes are executed. You will be able to assemble and install plants and at the same time gain knowledge of electrical engineering, measurement technology and control systems. Furthermore, you will be fit in pipeline construction, welding, soldering, pressing, bending and screwing. A great operational focus are also plants for renewable power engineering. After 3.5 years of teaching, you will be an assistant and have the opportunity to obtain additional qualifications through further and advanced training measures, to complete the master course or to study process engineering.

Dual Course of Study
As part of a Dual Course of Study, you can combine science and practice smoothly and save a lot of time compared to regular study and subsequent training.
Study of engineering, process engineering or building construction and civil engineering – that’s all possible with us.
And at the same time you acquire theoretical basic knowledge combined with demanding practical experience in no time.

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Apply now! We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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