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University Students

Valuable experiences from theory and practice.

The subsequent academic generation is important to Niersberger. Because here we can train the minds of tomorrow which have always made a difference, and are also our competitive advantage. And that’s supposed to stay that way in the future!

Gain practical experience for your professional future during your studies, in a dynamic and state-of-the-art company.

Students will gain authentic insights into the working environment as trainees and working students at Niersberger – nationally and internationally. Furthermore, we regularly accompany the creation process of Bachelor and Master theses.

What we offer:


Gain first practical experiences and create the foundation for a career at Niersberger.

Working Student

Niersberger offers numerous models that combine an academic training with practical experience and “Training on the Job”. Thereby, we will support you with a dedicated mentor. Through this, we are able to guarantee an optimal experience and knowledge transfer, as well as a maximum degree of support. Because only someone receives the best knowledge will be able to apply it in the best possible manner.

Bachelor and Master theses

We offer students from different fields the opportunity to combine study and practical experience within the scope of a final paper. Ideally, you have already completed an internship with us and are familiar with our company processes. With a successful final paper, you will create the best prerequisites for your future career start at Niersberger.

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Apply now! We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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