Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau

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Niersberger Mitarbeiter

Multicultural workforce


Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau currently employs about 30 staff members at the location Erlangen. In various functions, they are responsible for the business areas for residential living space and plant construction.


The internationality of our employees is a trademark of Niersberger. People from different countries with a broad range of nationalities work at Niersberger. They respect each other and benefit from the multi-cultural exchange with each other.


Learning from each other – an added value, that Niersberger owes to its employees. This doesn’t just apply for the languages. From the different cultural backgrounds of our employees create very different perspectives and approaches for the analysis, processing or solving of topics, problems or situations.


This exchange will definitely create a culturally-enriched knowledge base, which largely owes its vitality to the majority of the people were driving its creation – the dedicated employees at Niersberger.

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