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Niersberger Qualität

Uncompromising quality


The greatest importance at Niersberger is the quality. During every project phase, the Niersberger professionals will ensure that there are no compromises in terms of quality. Thereby, we primarily rely on an adequate training and a smooth transfer of knowledge in all areas of business. Because only someone who knows what is good, can do good. Therefore, the quality at Niersberger already starts with the training.


For this reason, Niersberger quality always has a tangible and intangible component. The intangible quality is a question of education and knowledge. But intangible quality is also an attitude, and an inclination. This intellectual characteristic is supported by the desire to always strive for perfection. This is always back by a person which combines the determination and the work effort – therefore making it an intellectual process that conceives a material quality, which is of the same high value as the intellectual process itself.

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