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CHP energy concepts


CHP energy concepts: foundation of the low energy house

Cogeneration plants (CHP’s) are the result of the consistent further development of a facility strategy, which is aimed at generating energy in the form of electricity and heat. The CHP’s are powered by diesel engines or resources that are derived from renewable sources – for example, vegetable oil or wood pellets as well as gas, obtained from the fermentation of waste or on the incineration of slurry or manure in biogas plants. The latter strategy is pursued by Niersberger.


With CHPs to the low energy house

CHP’s have already been installed by Niersberger in many residential complexes. There, a CHP plant sometimes provides several housing units with electricity and heat. Thereby, the CHP plant generates significantly more energy than is actually needed. This excess energy is fed into the power grid. The lawmakers acknowledged that with good conditions. A business model that is worthwhile. For the operator or the owner of the residential complex and for the inhabitants. Through this, costs can be reduced.

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