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Value-stable condominiums


Value-stable condominiums

Maintenance of value – the minimum requirement that real estate must fulfill. Condos (ETW) with a stable value are competing as an investment model with alternative investment products such as stocks or funds. These financial products are subject to a relatively high volatility (volatility). They are the object of speculation and profit-taking.


Real estate with a low price volatility

Compared to that, a condominium is a long term investment product. They are largely immune against such value fluctuations. How can this value stability be generated and maintained?


Conceptual innovation

The innovation thereby results from the overall observation of the real-estate. Location and the equipment certainly have a significant impact on the value stability. These condominiums are also innovative because of their energy concepts, which were created by Niersberger. Additionally, there are usage and spatial concepts that adapt flexibly to each environment and its residents. Solutions which are often innovative are hidden behind it. How can, for example, a barrier-free accessibility be created, how can a layout and utilization concept be aligned to the lighting and ventilation axes? What about financing? What opportunities do KfW houses offer? Is there a support from the government? Niersberger will provide a competent answer to these questions. With innovative housing strategies, embodied in value stable condos, which are flexible and affordable in every respect.

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