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Procedural plant engineering


In the focus: Procedural plant engineering

The focus on Renewable energy technology and environmental engineering makes Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau a true specialist in the area of procedural plant engineering. Hereby, our key objective is the production and installation of sustainable, efficient, economic, and environmental systems, which are based on a customized concept.

Renewable energy technology: biogas and photovoltaics

The renewable energy technology deals with an alternative special form of energy. Their main characteristic: It is based on infinite resources. These so-called renewable energies rely on resources provided by sunlight (solar or photovoltaic), wind power, geothermal energy or renewable raw materials.

In this segment Niersberger Wohn- und Anlagenbau focuses on the production of energy from photovoltaic systems and biogas plants, which are fueled with residual materials such as sludge, organic waste, food waste, fertilizer (manure) or with renewable plant-based raw materials.


Biogas plants

This recycling waste or renewable resources for the energy generation with biogas plants assumes that there will be a constant supply of biomass or waste, or that agricultural products will be used for this purpose.


When constructing and installing a biogas plant, Niersberger will already define which biomass will be used to operate the system during the project development phase. Short distances and the adequate availability of biomass play an important role for the procurement of the biomass. A correspondingly good substrate management must also exist to enable the smooth operation of a biogas plant – an aspect that Niersberger already considers in its planning.


Of course the facility concept and the yield of a biogas plant are also focused on this. The yield depends on the operating mode of the system. Thereby, it depends on the reactor as to how much gas mixture will ultimately be created, and with which they electricity will be generated at the end of the process. The main components of this raw gas are methane and carbon dioxide. In the subsequent processing of the gas mixture, methane is isolated from the CO2. Also the by-products of this process – such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide – will be removed because they are dangerous to humans. What is left is the final product: methane – a very energy-rich gas, which is used as a resource for the electricity production.


The highest quality of methane gas is currently extracted from sugar beet chips. In this respect, enterprises from the sugar industry are particularly suitable for this form of biogas production. Practical experience has shown: A biogas plant fueled with sugar beet chips are able to cover up to 40% of the electricity consumption of a sugar factory.

Recovery of waste as fertilizer

The residues produced during the methane gas generation process can, for example, be further processed and used as fertilizer. The quality is hardly any different than that of composted manure. The nutrient content is almost identical when compared to fertilizer produced conventionally through composting. Here once again the cycle of sustainable and coherent recycling is closed.

Fueling of cogeneration plants

Biogas from smaller plants including is, for example, used for the operation of cogeneration plants (CHP). There, it is deployed for the fueling of CHPs. The energy generated can also be fed into the power grid as electricity.

Tailored industry-specific solutions

Special industry-specific solution from Niersberger aligns the basic concept of a biogas plant to the specific needs of an industry. Niersberger will then create a tailor-made strategy to cover details such as profitability, cost, financing, business model, operation, maintenance, logistics and energy demand.


The second specialty area of Niersberger is solar power, in short: generating energy using the sunlight that shines onto solar cells. They convert sunlight into electricity. Niersberger currently operates three photovoltaic systems. They were all installed in Italy. The solar irradiation is more continuous and intense there than north of the Alps. The yield is accordingly high and the monetary payback of the facility will occur rather quickly compared to the other locations. The location therefore plays a role that should not be underestimated when it comes to the question, yes or no to photovoltaics. Nevertheless: good conditions for the operation of a solar plant also exist north of the Alps. Through this, solar power plants are also subsidized by legislation in Germany. The Renewable Energy Act regulates when and under what conditions solar energy or the installation of the respective systems will be subsidized.

The demand for alternative energy sources will increase in the future. Fossil-fuel resources will be depleted sooner or later. The need for energy, which must then be met by alternative energy sources, is immense. This realization has led to a boom in the field of solar energy. Thereby, Niersberger doesn’t just support its contracting entities with technical solar expertise. We develop a solar project from the initial idea all the way up to the completion. And even as operators, we been relieving investors of the duty to perform commercial and technical services for years.

Individual project management with a maximum customer orientation

Decisive factors for the photovoltaic system are hereby the specific needs or the purpose, as well as the framework conditions on-site. Therefore, the project development in solar projects is always a highly individual process that is focused on the customer and his specific environment, at Niersberger will be accompanied, supervised by and fall under the responsibility of experienced and competent professionals. A holistic project management considers the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, the examination of the legal framework conditions and requirements, subsidization applications as well as the maintenance and servicing of solar power systems. Rely on your personal project director from Niersberger.

Special services: service and VAT

If a customer opts for a photovoltaic system by Niersberger, is investment will not just include the mere material and installation value of the facility. A Niersberger photovoltaic system includes added value that should not be underestimated. It is added for free. The customer gets »more« services for the money. Because solar plants from Niersberger are characterized by the following added value:

  • Many years of experience in photovoltaics
  • Optimal system solutions
  • Quality tests
  • Insurance of the plant
  • Fire protection, lightning protection (integration into the lightning protection system)


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