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Service & maintenance (O & M)

Service and maintenance: Competence and personal customer contact

The technical operations management also includes the service and maintenance of equipment and systems for the renewable energy technology, and especially includes biogas plants and photovoltaic systems. This area is staffed with trained and competent professionals, were able to competently provide consulting and services to our customers. Thereby, the personal customer contact is of significant importance, and thus actively promoted by the Niersberger technicians.

Renewable energy technology: regular maintenance saves money


The maintenance of renewable energy technology systems should not be neglected. It is crucial for the proper functioning, the technical condition, the performance and the trouble-free operation of the plant. Because only if regular maintenance is carried out at a facility, will it be possible to conduct an error and trouble-free operation.


Maintenance saves money, ensures the maximum degree of safety form the plant operation, has a positive effect on the life expectancy of the plant and ensures the stability within the operating process. Through this, you can minimize downtimes.


Cost-optimized maintenance plans

Thereby, Niersberger operates according to a servicing and maintenance plan which is cost-optimized for the customer. The plans depend on the state. Depending on the technical state of the plant, the maintenance plans and maintenance intervals are always structured for the specific system.

Scheduling of unpredictable operating errors

This also includes the scheduling of non-calculated operating errors. They usually considerably reduce the service reliability of a plant. This is not the case at Niersberger: proactive fault analyses transition unpredictable breakdowns into the regular maintenance schedule. For this, our professionals need to know what errors can occur. And rest assured: they know it.

Service: 24-hours, seven days a week

Professionally trained technicians, to which the operators also have a personal contact, will ensure the best possible servicing of the plant. This area is completed by a 24-hour, seven days a week availability. Through this, Niersberger also makes a significant contribution to the efficiency of a plant.

CHP maintenance and safety technology

The maintenance of cogeneration plants (CHP) depends on the operating mode of the unit and its operating hours. Is it a CHP plant, which is powered by an internal combustion engine (gasoline engine), a gas turbine or even a Stirling engine? The maintenance intensity is based on this.

Low-maintenance: solar systems

Generally, the rule of thumb for the maintenance of solar systems is: two inspections, and one maintenance per year. The maintenance intervals are relatively manageable compared to biogas plants. In fact, photovoltaic systems are very low maintenance. Nevertheless: they also need to be checked regularly. The solar modules are also checked for tightness or any damage. If necessary, the system is cleaned of possible pollutions. It is also possible that soiling and tensions can develop within the attachment, or so-called hot spots can develop (the overheating of the module areas). In such cases, there is acute danger of fire. It considerably affects the function and performance of a photovoltaic system.


In addition, the maintenance of the inverter is fundamental for the operation of a solar plant. Niersberger will immediately replace the power inverter in case of need. This is made possible by a 24-hour monitoring of the system. It immediately recognizes malfunctions and errors. This means: the shortest response times for the service partner and the immediate replacement of faulty parts.


Also important: The counter. This represents cash for the operators, which makes it the central measuring instrument on which the profitability of the investment is based. The meter measures the amount of electricity which is fed into the power grid. That is what the feed-in tariff, which the operator receives is based upon. Therefore, 24-hour surveillance is also essential here. It allows an immediate commissioning of the service partner. He will fix the damage and restore the functionality of the plant.

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