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Real estate


The challenge, real estate and housing construction

The real estate is the first of two business segments, in which Niersberger is active. The housing construction primarily includes the revitalization of existing housing in addition to the construction of new living quarters. The challenge hereby lies in the delivery of the construction performance on the one hand, on the other hand that Niersberger sees its core competence in the creation of affordable living quarters, which is still able to convince through innovative and economic usage and spatial concepts. This also includes the question, as to how sustainable energy can be generated and provided for affordable living quarters. These are conceptual steps that must take into account from the very start, especially for the project development.

Green building = sustainable building

Sustainable building: what is behind the term, which is also referred to as »Green Building«?

A building will then be considered a »Green Building«, when it is characterized in multiple aspects by an outstanding quality. These evaluation categories include the economic quality, ecological quality, the site quality – so the location and process quality, the technical quality, the sociocultural and functional quality, as well as their impact on the user or the resident who is in the key focus of this assessment.


Measuring sustainability

These are quality categories, in which sustainability can be measured. This occurs based on concrete facts and figures, which are specified by organizations such as the society for sustainable building. They evaluate the entire operating life cycle of a building – from the project development, implementation, to the operation, and all the way up to the possible demolition. The goal: The reduction of the harmful effects on the health and the environment through the construction work itself. The implementation follows the principle of resource efficiency in the areas of energy, water and materials.


Niersberger takes sustainability seriously

Niersberger takes sustainability seriously How? Thanks to a high-quality know-how transfer. This will be ensured by instruction courses, the active sharing of practical experience as well as through training and continuing education programs. In this area, they ensure sustainability dynamics in construction projects and facilities, which is continued in the concepts for renewable energy technology or innovative strategies for the waste disposal (waste digestion, recycling). This is how we ensure sustainability throughout the company.

CHP energy concepts: foundation of the low energy house

Cogeneration plants (CHP’s) are the result of the consistent further development of a facility strategy, which is aimed at generating energy in the form of electricity and heat. The CHP’s are powered by diesel engines or resources that are derived from renewable sources – for example, vegetable oil or wood pellets as well as gas, obtained from the fermentation of waste or on the incineration of slurry or manure in biogas plants. The latter strategy is pursued by Niersberger.


With CHPs to the low energy house

CHP’s have already been installed by Niersberger in many residential complexes. There, a CHP plant sometimes provides several housing units with electricity and heat. Thereby, the CHP plant generates significantly more energy than is actually needed. This excess energy is fed into the power grid. The lawmakers acknowledged that with good conditions. A business model that is worthwhile. For the operator or the owner of the residential complex and for the inhabitants. Through this, costs can be reduced.


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