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Innovation and renewal of existing living quarter space

Innovations also affect the real estate market. Society, economy, and politics – they are subject to a constant change, which the real estate and housing construction market must also face.


Innovation through individualization of lifestyles and Internet

One of the most far-reaching social changes in recent years was the individualization of lifestyles, as well as the boom of digital networks, which absolutely includes the Internet. Both lines of development had an immense impact on the real estate market. The demand for flexible and urban living space for one or two people increased, while the classic living space for families has lost its importance. These were technological innovations. The Internet has revolutionized real estate sales and the real estate marketing to a significant extent. Real estate exchanges emerged. The classic real estate agent is a thing of the past. New approaches and models for the marketing of real estate had to be found and implemented.


The demand for affordable living quarters is exploding

The inflation of the cost of living in the cities simultaneously exploded the need for affordable living quarters. A market opened up here, which Niersberger is successfully developing. On the one hand with models, that focus on a revitalization and modernization of urban living quarters, and on the other hand with investment models for investors and owner-occupiers, whose interest is focused on the acquisition of residential property – be it for own use or as a return on investment model.


Outskirts in the focus

Niersberger is strategically counteracting the highly stressed pricing situation development within the cities. The cascading price model in the densely populated areas of cities will continue to develop and ultimately reach the top levels. Forecasts predict that there will be an increased demand for the small-town area and its »commuter belt« in the medium term. An early activity on this market makes sense in this context. Thereby, outlying areas or so-called problem area are focused upon. To modernize living quarters there and still offer it at affordable rates, will be subject to strong demand now and in the future. Decisive here, is of course the term is »affordable«. How to solve this contradiction?


Innovative concepts, ideas and strategies

With innovative concepts, ideas and strategies. The energy concept is essential in this context. Electricity and hot water are those positions on the service charge settlement which cause the heaviest burden. The aim is to minimize them. Alternative energy which is obtained from renewable resources and other renewable resources will be a part of the agenda here. On the one hand you this decouples the inhabitants of the high cost of fossil energy resources, on the other hand, the government will handsomely subsidize energy generated by renewable energy sources. This is enforced by the Renewable Energies Act (EEG). For operators – usually municipal housing companies – this will create revenue, which at the same time will minimize the costs for the residents or tenants. And: this model makes sense for investors.

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