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Innovative building concepts


Innovative building concepts

At Niersberger, innovative building concepts stand for: individual project development, which at the same time considers the specific framework conditions of the contracting entity.


A return on investments as quickly as possible

An appropriate return must follow the investment – an aspect that Niersberger already considers in the conceptual phase. On the one hand the aim is to increase the attractiveness of the real-estate object, on the other hand a yield situation should be established after the modernization or redevelopment, which will allow the contracting entity to recover its investment as quickly as possible.


The creativity of the modernizing entity will be decisive

A challenge for the creativity of the modernizing entity: Affordable living quarters. This is not easy in times of expensive rents. Here, cost advantages due to the size of the real-estate can be implemented. Residential complexes that have 50 to 100 apartments are especially suitable for this.


Innovative utilization concepts

The buildings themselves can be “reborn” by increasing overall number of stories or through an expansion of living space. This also involves innovative utilization concepts, which are tailored to current needs and therefore deviate from classic spatial concepts (2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom) or question these all together. Instead, for example, open, large surfaces, ground-level windows and furnishing elements such as wood flooring can be used to set new accents. Such an innovative housing concept creates new living environment, which is based on changing markets and usage options.


How to reduce costs?

Innovative building concepts are rounded off by a sustainable energy supply. The cost of electricity has risen immensely. The question is, how can these costs the lowered to benefit the owner and the tenant. Alternative energy concepts are becoming the focus of attention. You have moved away from an energy supply based on fossil resources.

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