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Project development


Interdisciplinary project development

Project development is a complex process. The project development must simultaneously address several requirements. Requirements, which go beyond purely technical questions. Especially Niersberger is focused on construction measures that affect entire residential complexes and the people who live there. This requires tact – not only for the construction. This requires a social competence, which plays a decisive role in such projects.


Whether a residential complex is to be modernized, converted, completely decommissioned (building demolition), or a new building is to be erected, is a matter that doesn’t just fall into the area of responsibility of a civil engineer or developer. Every Niersberger project is staffed with an interdisciplinary teams of experts whose expertise complement each other, in order to provide a project from the outset with highest possible prospect of success. Of course, these teams consist of construction and project director, but also marketers, real estate merchants, architects and civil engineers who are actively involved in the project. Because only, is a project is considered and evaluated from all relevant perspectives with a holistic picture emerge, which fully utilizes the synergy potentials. At Niersberger, these synergies will be identified by the participating departments and consistently implemented. They are based on profound expertise, analysis as well as scenarios, and will ensure a holistic project development in terms of structure and economics.


This form of interdisciplinary project development enables a secured glimpse into the future of a building. General cost and financial forecasts, projections and optimizations of the statics and the building facilities, sustainability studies or energy concepts – they provide a realistic picture of the future of a building based on specialized figures from experts.


Through this, Niersberger has already successfully developed and planned thousands of square meters of living quarters.Of course, a complete financial and time management will complement the Niersberger project management.


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