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Core competence revitalization


The revitalization – or the modernization of buildings – is a core competence of Niersberger. The economic objective of the revitalization is to extend the life cycle of a building, or in the best case scenario, to restart it.

Modernization is more than constructing new

This is suitable for older residential complexes, which were typically developed within the scope of a social housing construction project. It is clear: Modernization is more than constructing new. It doesn’t just include the structural renewal. The focuses rather on also renewing the space and energy concept, while maintaining the requirements of the Landmark Protection regulations at the same time. Project categories, which eventually lead to a holistic building concept that consistently pursues and realizes the idea of modern and sustainable living.
Another aspect: The residential complexes are partly in outlying areas. Their value is increased through a usage conversion or modernization. External effects will develop, which will reflect positively on the immediate surroundings in which the building is located.


Qualitative appreciation of the building

This requires certain structural measures. An increase of the building stories or a gutting can provide new spaces. Through this, living quarters can adapt to new life models and situations. This is provided by fundamentally new floor plans and an innovative space geometry, which allow a contemporary use. Balconies, terraces and winter gardens provide an extension of the living space in buildings on the one hand, and on the other hand offer many options for new utilization potentials. Basically, such measures lead to a qualitative appreciation of a building. Of course, it also positively affects the image of the real-estate and its location. A side effect: additional effects will develop, from which entire districts and residential areas will benefit.


Central challenge: affordable living quarters

However, the challenge to create modern living quarters at affordable prices remains a central issue. In addition to the optimization of the building envelope, sustainable energy concepts will also ensure this. Cogeneration or photovoltaic systems which rely on renewable resources are a response to the significantly higher energy costs associated with conventional power generation – a benefit that will also highly please the residents.
That is why people like to live in homes, which have been revitalized by Niersberger.


Modernization in the inhabited state

While the modernization in an uninhabited state requires a relocation into a spare apartment, whereas the residents of modernization in the inhabited state are able to remain in their dwellings. Here, time plays a decisive role. The modernization must be done as quickly as possible and in the shortest time. This requires a high degree of transparency in dealing with the users. The project planning must take that into account. Their strategy: Information, communication, efficiency and strict adherence to the rest times – that’s what Niersberger places the utmost importance on for revitalization in the inhabited state.


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