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Solar Plants

Solar Plants

Project Colleferro Solaranlage Colleferro

IT-00034 Colleferro (RM)


A surface of 42.000 sqm imposes the Colleferro solar plant to the largest solar power system constructed on a roof. After a construction time of nearly eight months, the solar plant was brought to service on the rooftop of a 46 ft high industrial building.

The power installed on the solar plant amounts to 3.488 kilowatt-peak (kWp), which enables the plant to an annual production of 4.5 m kWh of solar electricity. That electricity is meant for feeding public Italian power supply system. The reimbursement is geared to Conto Energia II, a feeding regulation for self-made electricity.


The project at a glance

Contract volume: 11.8 million EUR
Accomplishment: from April 2010 to December 2010
Installed power: 3.488 KWp
Output: approx. 4.500.000 kWh per year

Download: Project Colleferro


Project Nogarole Rocca I Rocca I

Via Adige
IT-37060 Nogarole Rocca (VR)


In 2009 Niersberger errected a solar plant on the roof of an industrial building in Nogarole Rocca, a municipality not far from Verona in Veneto district. This very project displays the first of its kind throughout Italy. Thus provision of approvals by the Italian authorities turned out to be one of the project’s main challenges.

A thoroughly clocked project development served as a proper base to finish the plant construction within three months successfully. The power thereby installed amounts to 859 kilowatt-peak (kWp). Resorting to this performance, the plant produces an annual average of approximately 925.000 kWh of solar electricity, which is entirely sold to the Italian electricity supplier ENEL. The feeding of Nogarole Rocca solar plant into regional medium-voltage power grid is determined by Conto Energia II, an Italian regulation of remuneration of feeding passed in 2009.


The project at a glance

Contract volume: 3.8 million EUR
Accomplishment: from July 2009 to October 2009
Installed power: 859 kWp
Output: approx. 925.000 kWh per year

Download: Solaranlage Nogarole Rocca I


Project Nogarole Rocca II Rocca II

Via Adige
IT-37060 Nogarole Rocca (VR)


In 2009 Niersberger built a solar plant upon a roof of an industrially used building. The plant revealed to be an environmentally friendly and financially attractive producer of current. Hence Niersberger decided to enlarge the plant. Nogarole Rocca I was soon to be followed by Nogarole Rocca II.

In Northern Italy the conditions on site render possibility for an increase in production of eco-friendly solar-electricity. Due to the experiences of Nogarole Rocca I the engineers were able to revert to situational know-how. Mainly the adaption of resources and technical configurations to the latest frame conditions was brought into focus then. Nogarole Rocca II was installed on the neighbouring building of Nogarole Rocca I amounting on 14 metres as well. The electricity produced on both plants is meant to be sold to the Italian power supplier ENEL in the course of a climate neutral business modell.


The project at a glance

Contract volume: 3.6 million EUR
Accomplishment: from October 2010 to December 2010
Installed power: 854 kWp
Output: approx. 955.000 kWp per year

Download: Solaranlage Nogarole Rocca II


Project RiberaRibera

Contrada Cuci Cuci
IT- 92016 Ribera (AG)


In autumn 2010 the Italian unit of the Niersberger Group, Nuove tecnologie S.r.l. built a solar plant in the municipality of Ribera on Sicily. The plant is also called Ribera. This project sets a milestone as Niersberger has not realised plants of that size on ground level in Italy before.

Due to these circumstances the conditions on site of that outdoor plant differed in various aspects to those built on roofs, which had been constructed successfully before. A properly developed project management laid foundation for a construction time which could be complied with ease. The solar plant was put into operation straight after. The idea of Ribera is to produce electricity on climate-neutral basis and to retail it to Italian power supplier ENEL.


The project at a glance

Contract volume: 4.5 million EUR
Accomplishment: from October 2010 to December 2010
Installed power: 994,52 kWp
Output: approx. 1.6 million kWp per year

Download: Project Ribera


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